Are you looking for ways to make extra money for yourself? Then you should think of tapping into the online world to do so.

There are various ways money can be made online.

These are five ways to make money online

1. Writing for blogs and websites

With just access to a laptop and internet, you can create contents for various blogs and websites which can fetch you money.

If you love writing, you could freelance for a blog or website and get paid for your skills.

To start writing for blogs and website, look for various genuine blogs and website that request for freelance writers.

Do a grammar test and also submit a writing sample, if you qualify, you can start writing online articles.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is advertising a product and getting a commission for each click on every purchase made from a customized url.

A website or blog will be needed to advertise for a brand, but if you don't have a blog or website, social media platforms like facebook and twitter can also be useful.

A short description of the brand you are advertising must be on the blog to draw the attention of potential customers, also a personalized url link must be on the blog, so with every click on the url, which redirects visitors from your website to the brand's site, where they can finalize the purchase.

3. Selling products and services online

Having marketing skills could be put to good use online. If you have good products to sell or service to render, there are e-commerce platforms and also social media platforms you could display your products and services.

Know your target audience and those who will be interested in your product, create a marketing strategy and you are ready to make cool cash online

4. Online reviews

There are various online reviews, depending on the aspect. People review books, reviews on technology, music reviews, movie reviews and a whole lot of others.

Lots of online review websites pay individuals to review different things, pick the one that you have keen interest in and review.

Not all review sites pay for reviews, some only compensate with complimentary gifts. Be sure of the sites that pay for reviews.

5. Online Surveys

An easy way to make cash online is taking surveys on the internet. So many brands want to improve their products and services and are always on the looking out for feedback from the consumers.

Companies use online survey sites to help conduct questionnaires for them.

After filling these questionnaires, the site pays them in return. There are various legit survey sites online.