A question which bothers millennials is when the right time is to get financial freedom from their parents.

You might not be under your parent's roof but you might still be financially dependent on them, even if you are work and earning an income and you can be under your parent's roof and be financially independent, the only difference is you are still living with your parents.

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Financial independence is taking full responsibility for your financial decisions, being responsible for your expenses, covering daily expenses and no longer having to depend on your parents for money.

So the question is when should you gain financial freedom from your parents?

If you don't have a steady or proper income then you can still be financially dependent on your folks but if you make a monthly and steady income you should gain financial freedom from your parent as soon as possible, which means you don't have to depend on them anymore for the monthly allowance.

If you earn a monthly income and after a while, you have not gained financial freedom from your parents, it might be difficult to have a proper financial goal which might lead to bad financial management, and could be worse when they are no longer in the picture to assist you.

If you have a problem with your expenses and income, it means you don't have a proper plan for your finance and you have bad money habits.

Find ways to make more or cut down on cost and also create a budget on how to save more on expenses instead of spending all.

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Sometimes parents might feel the need to help out in bad financial situations, even if you do not ask for a handout. If they do stretch out the hand of assistance, accept it.

But do you know you can also prevent this situation from happening by having a functioning emergency fund? Create an emergency fund to help you when unexpected bills come up.

If you have to get financial assistance from your parents, let it be based on borrowing and lending and it should be within a time frame. This puts it in your mind that you have a debt to pay.