Every month, you receive a salary but before the middle of the month, you are either complaining about the economy of the country or about your employer not paying you enough.

Truly, the economy might be bad. Your employer might also be underpaying you, but hey, you also need to do some self-evaluation on how you 'blow' your money.

If you check how you spend your money, you'll probably find out that you spend more than you earn. You may also be spending your money on some items you don't really need.

In case you can't actually figure out what those items are, let's help you out. Here are five things you probably waste your money on.

1. ATM usage fee

Having a debit card gives you so much convenience compared to going to your bank every time to withdraw. Just walk to a nearby automated teller machine, slot in your card and here comes your money. It is pretty easy, right? Yes.

However, this convenience comes with charges. For instance, your bank at the end of the month will charge you for card maintenance. And if you are fond of using an ATM that is operated by your bank, you'll be charged more.

It is therefore important for you to use your bank’s operated ATM machines to save yourself any extra charge.

2. Eating out

If we all have to consider the ambience, the excellent customer service and the delicious eatery foods, everyone would like to eat out, but see, not all of us can afford it.

Eating out can be extremely expensive. The only best time to eat out is when you have no choice but to get something at a restaurant. Other than this, you really don't need to patronise eateries and restaurants.

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3. Buying brands

If you really want to be frugal with the little you earn, you won't like to join the get-the-latest gang

Frugal people do not believe in buying brandsto make impressions.

In fact, branded shoes, bags, watches and clothes do not serve any purpose to them except, the quality of the brands is far better than the quality of the alternative products in the market.

You can stick to the alternatives your money can buy. Patronising brands swallow your earnings, and if you really want to save leave brands for brand ambassadors.

4. Mobile network charges

Statistics has shown that Nigerians spend billions on a monthly basis on airtime recharge cards. You might be spending so much on airtime and data without even realizing it.

You need to check your spend on phone bills. If it's more than necessary, you need to cut it.

5. Duplicates

Buying things you already have is another way to waste your hard earned money.

This could be small items, like food or cooking implements, or something more expensive, like clothing. To stop this, always organise your things, and before you set out to shop next time, check your closet to prevent buying things you already have.

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