It is a big problem if before the end of the month you are broke and you cant fulfil some financial obligations and you find yourself struggling to always make ends meet.

It is either you are spending so much or you are not making enough. It can also be you are overspending while you don't make enough money. If this is the issue, then trouble is lurking around the corner.

These are signs you are not making so much money.

1. You don't achieve your financial goals

If you set financial goals for yourself, whether short-term goals or long-term goals and you never meet your financial goals, then it probably means you are not making enough cash.

You need to set financial goals you that you are sure you can achieve. Setting realistic financial goals makes is the first step to managing your income well, and you can begin to make progressive changes when it comes to your finances.

2. You are out of cash before mid-month

If after few days to every new month, you are already out of cash, and you find yourself struggling through the month, then you are in a bad financial situation which can lead a  big financial crisis.

It might not be as a result of overspending but probably you are not just earning enough.

Find other means to make more money. You could either look for another job with a better pay or you get a side hustle

3. You worry about money

We all have financial worries but if you worry about how to pay for some little things all the time, then there is a problem.

Worrying about your finances every time might and you always have sleepless nights, it means you don't make enough money.

You need to plan your finance by a budgeting your income ahead of time. This helps you to manage and spend your low income wisely. Creating a budget makes it easy to stick to a financial plan.

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4. You can pay all your bills

If at the end of the month, you can pay for all your bills and you have to select which of the bills to pay for, then you have financial problems.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to cut some things out of your lifestyle. Cut on things you can make do without or find other options you can replace them with. It is possible to enjoy a good life, even after taking frugal steps.

5. You can't handle an emergency

When you find yourself in emergency situations and you are not able to solve the problem, it means you might have financial issues. It might be the lack of sufficient fund, which might be difficult to set money aside for emergency situations.

You need to create an emergency fund, no matter little you earn, you just need to have emergency savings. It keeps your mind rest assured whenever emergencies come up.