Due to some reasons, some people feel buying in bulk is always a waste of money - You hear statements like "why should I buy what I dont need at a particular time".

The truth is more money is wasted when you don't buy some stuff in large quantity.

The main thing to buy in bulk are daily essentials and need that have a long lifespan and things that can be preserved

Processed foods like canned foods, cereals can be bought in bulk. Buying processed food in bulk doesn't only save you cash but it only relieves the stress of going to the supermarket every time you need to buy them.

Another thing to buy is bulk are essentials -  toiletries. They are a must need for every household.

You don't want to get late for a meeting because you don't have forgot to buy bathing soap the previous day.

You also save more when you buy soda and alcoholic beverages in large quantities. You don't necessarily have to be a drunkard to buy alcohol in bulk.

Buying a pack of six is cheaper than buying just a can or bottle

Having the common staple food like rice, garri and yam flour is important. It is a lot of stress going to the market almost every time you need to cook.

Buying in large quantity reduces trips to the market.

It all balls down to one thing, it is cheaper when you buy essential things in large quantities. You spend more when you buy only when you need something.

It not only saves money but also saves you time.


As it is advisable to buy in bulk, you should also know that you should be reasonable when buying in bulk. You can't just go about buying thing that are not really useful.