Not having enough capital to start a trade is the major excuse many people give for not running a small scale business.

Many actually believe they can't start a business with anything less than N100,000.

Hmm, that's not too much though, but hey, if you start certain businesses with the little capital you have, trust me, you'll make some reasonable profits.

''Don't look down on money''- Naeemah

To be honest, there are small-scale trades you can start with as little as N10,000 or less. You might think it is difficult to launch a business with N10,000 but here's a testimonial from Twitter.

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Naeemah, @Eemarh1 is a business-minded lady. She has a genuine means of income and she's always ready to make more money from any legit trade.

Where many complain about starting a petty trade with N10,000, Naeemah says N10,000 is too much for her and in one tweet, she tells us how she started a side hustle with less than N10,000.

Here's her tweet.

10k too much honestly, just last week a shop closed down close to my shop in the market and my mother advised me to start selling nylons they sell,  in every N900 per pack, I make profit of N300     Omo oloja nimi      we don't look down on money  .

Now, let's do the maths, if she makes N300 profit on each pack and she sells at least three packs a day, she will go home with N900 every day. She'll probably make N4,500 in five days.

If however, you think N4,500 is nothing for a small business like this, you are looking down on money.

The moral of this is that if you want to be rich, you should never look down on money. A drop of water they say makes a mighty ocean. The little profit you make from your petty trade today can set up a bigger business tomorrow.