Money issues are the biggest cause of rifts and quarrels in relationship.

Couples quarrel and argue about different issues which they can settle amicably within few hours or days.

But when it comes to money issues, it becomes crazier and might be difficult to solve if not attended to and handled urgently.

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You need to handle these money issues before it gets out of hand and escalates.

Here are three major money issues that can cause rifts in your relationship which should look out for.

1. Being a financial control freak

If you have the habit of controlling the finances in your relationship, then you might have a serious issue with your partner.

No one wants someone who is a control freak in a relationship, not to talk of when It comes to financial matters. This might cause constant quarrels in a relationship.

As couples in a relationship, you both should make financial decisions together. This would help you be on the same page financially.

2. Making purchase without your partner’s consent

The moment you guys have joint finances, then you should never go behind your partner’s back to make a purchase without letting them know.

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You let your partner know you are about to get something.

If your partner is not within reach during the time you want to make a purchase, make sure you guys have discussed how much you need to spend on the purchase, so it won’t be such an issue if your partner is not aware of it.

3. Hiding your financial status

Keeping your partner in the dark about your financial status might cause quarrel between you an your partner.

You need to come out straight to your partner about your financial status.

If you have financial issues like debt you have to pay, let your partner know, instead of deeping into your joint savings.

This will cause lack of trust between you and your partner which will affect your relationship negatively.