If you are receiving interview invites like this, beware fake recruitment agents have got your name on their list.

Many fresh graduates and job seekers have fallen victims of messages like this because they don't understand how the scammers operate.

Here are five things you should look out for when you receive an interview invite to establish the authenticity of the invite.

1. Website/Social media page

Don''t fall victim of fake job
Don''t fall victim of fake job

It is 2018, any company that is recruiting should have an online presence. If the invite sent to you does not show the organization's website or social media pages, then don't bother to go for the interview.

2. Check the job title

Companies looking for an employee to fill a vacant position in their establishments must have a job title for the position. If this is not stated in the email or invite you sent to you,  forget it.

3. Did you apply for the job?

Don't fall victim of recruitment scam
Don't fall victim of recruitment scam

Before any reputable organization sends you a job interview invite, you must have applied for a position in the company.  If you don't apply for any job and you receive a message saying they have looked at your resume and they will like to invite you for a job briefing on Monday, November 19, 2018, at No 4, Ogidan street, Maryland, Lagos,  don't honour the invitation. No organization can have your CV if you do not apply for a job in the company.

4. Payment before interview

One sure way to identify job scammers is that payment always comes before service. If you're looking for a job and the interview invite you receive states that you have to pay some money to qualify for the interview, beware it is a scam.

5. Grammatical errors

If you receive a job invite that is riddled with grammatical blunders, you don't have to doubt that it was sent by fake recruitment agents. No serious company that cares about its image and reputation sends error-filled messages to their potential employees.