In a few days' time, the year 2018 will be over, and as the new year approaches

, it's important you consider how to make your personal finance better than what it is this year.

These are ways you can improve your finances in 2018.

1. Never forget to create a budget

Don't forget to put budgeting in your financial plans in 2019.

Just like having new year resolutions on certain aspects you want to change when it comes to your lifestyle, the same goes for budgeting, which is the first new year resolution you have to take when it comes to your finance. 

Have a budget mapped out to help you manage your income properly. If you don't have a budget, 2019 is the year for you to take your budgeting seriously.

If you already have a budget, you should review and check how well your budget worked for you and find possible means to adjust it and make it better.

2. Set financial goals

Mere saying you want to save money for something is not enough. In 2019, you need to know the short-term goals and long-term goals you want to achieve within a different time range.

In the new year, try to get your financial goal in check, not just saying what you want to achieve but putting it down in writing and start spending with a purpose.

3. Clear your debt

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Clearing your debt should be done even before this year runs out. It's not advisable to carry debts into a new year because it might drag down your finances, making it difficult to achieve financial goals. So, you need to clear debts before the new year to have a clean financial sheet.

4. Find other means of income

If you have only one source of income, you should try to look for another or more source of income to help you improve your income and also your savings.

Having another or more source of income helps you not to depend on only just one source when situations arise.

5. Create an emergency fund

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If you don't have emergency savings or your emergency savings is not functioning, you need to consider it in 2019. 

Emergency savings helps you to fall back on a reasonable amount of money when you are down financially. Plan in the new year to create a substantial amount you can put into an emergency saving and grow it as each month goes by.