As 2018 gradually winds down, you should start making plans on how to achieve financial goals for 2019. 

Just as you have new year resolutions for other aspects of your lives, you should also have plans for your personal finance next year. Create short-term and long-term goals financial resolution you want to achieve in 2019.

Here are five ways to make financial resolutions towards 2019.

1. Create a financial plan

Have a solid financial plan in 2019.

As the year 2018 winds up, this is the best time to create a financial plan for the new year.

Sit down and set a good financial plan you want to work with. Your financial plan would help you follow and get to your financial goals.

Adjustment to financial plans can be made as your life changes.

If you have a well-tailored out financial plan, it would be much easier to reach your financial goals and achievements. 

2. Set saving goals

Saving is very important when setting financial goals. With a new year fast approaching, you should set savings goals.

How much do you want to set aside for some huge purchase and how much do you want to save to increase your wealth. Save part of your income regularly to achieve your financial goals in 2019.

3. Clear and stay out of debt

Avoid debt as much as you can in 2019.

This is one thing you should drop before the year 2018 runs out. If you have debt you have not cleared yet, you need to clear it before the year ends and try not to take your debt into a new year.

Find ways of clearing debt. Get another stream of income, maybe by starting a side hustle, you can use the income to clear your debt and also stay out of debt in the year 2018.

4. Control your spending

Use the opportunity of a new year to control your spending. Know what you need to spend money on. Differentiate between your needs and wants.

Know that your needs are more important than the wants which you desire. Check and track your spending. Stop impulsive spending.

5. Take budgeting seriously

Save money

In the new year, you should take budgeting more seriously. Budget is the greatest way of managing and also controlling your finance.

From the beginning of January to December 2019, follow your budget every month and your finance will be looking so good.

Budgeting has a way of controlling your income and also curbs the way you spend money. So, take it seriously.