If saving more money to achieve your financial goals in 2019 tops the list of your new year's resolutions, then, by now, you should have saved some money even if it's not much.

It is very easy to say you want to achieve a goal, but if you don't have an action plan on how to achieve the goal, it'll just be a lip service. January has ended and you haven't taken a significant step to achieve the goals.

If you're still struggling implement your saving goals in 2019, here are money-savings hacks you need to help your finances.

1. Cut down on your utility bills

Look for a bank with great interest rates on savings.
Look for a bank with great interest rates on savings.

There is a lot you can change in your utility bill, especially when it comes to electricity bills. These can be done by reducing your electricity consumption.

Before you go out, make sure you put off all electrical appliances and the electrical power source. By doing this you are saving power, you are also saving on your electricity bills.

2. Prepare meals yourself

Eating out always has a way of dipping into your income which makes you spend more than usual. To avoid spending so much eating out, you need to cook your own meals. This is a good money saving hack to improve your finance.

3. Wait for drop in price

Always bargain before buying
Always bargain before buying

When something new comes out, don’t be in a hurry to get it. There is a chance it would be unnecessarily expensive because of the high demand for such product, You can wait till the price drops, so you don’t have to spend as much as you would have if you got it at first.

This is a way for you to save money on things, especially with electronics and clothing.

4. Pay more in cash daily

Another money-saving hack is to pay with cash when you go out. It might look convenient and easy swiping your debit card into a machine and you are done with the transaction but with every swipe of your debit card, there are some charges you pay which after a long while accumulates. To avoid paying for these charges, you need to transact more with cash.

5. Do It Yourself

Charcoal is common in masks and in DIY mixes these days
Charcoal is common in masks and in DIY mixes these days

Doing repairs and maintenance yourself is a cool money saving hack. Instead of always paying professionals to do your repair and maintenance, you can decide to do it yourself.

Hiring professional service for repairs and maintenance might take so much out of your income, this is why you need to do repairs and maintenance yourself.