Being frugal isn't all about saving money. It also has to do with being creative about managing your resources and not wasting funds you could put elsewhere.

If you really want to understand how to manage your money well and ave enough money to meet your financial goals, here are five frugal tips you need.

1. Always bargain before you buy

Always bargain before buying
Always bargain before buying

Bargaining should be a frugal habit everyone should have to avoid wasting their resources. The essence of doing this isn't because you don't have enough money to buy stuff, but to get the perfect price for things you want to buy.

2. Do it yourself

Ever heard of DIY? Do It Yourself. You really don't have to spend money to make or fix things in your house. There are things you can do without the help of professionals, who would charge you for rendering services.

If you have anything to fix around your house or make, you should learn to do it yourself. There are so many video tutorials that can put you through. It actually helps you save more on things.

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3. Prepare your meals yourself

Making your food yourself saves you money.
Making your food yourself saves you money.

Preparing your meals yourself prevent you from going to eatery every time and thus helps you save the money you spend on foods and drinks at restaurants. It is cheaper when you buy foodstuffs and you go home to cook yourself.

4. Live below your means

Living below your means allows you save extra cash you could have spent on things you don't really need. A good example of how to live below your means is to cut down cost on things you can do without.

5. Pay with cash

Another hack is to help you save more is paying with cash. Paying with cash helps to know how much you spend on items, which is quite different from swiping with your ATM debit card that you don't know how much you've spent.