Starting and managing a business successfully is not what everybody is skilled at. Many of us will have to learn the tricks from successful entrepreneurs.

You might have heard people saying it is not easy to start any business in Nigeria, yes nothing comes easy.  But applying some tips to your startup could help you run a successful business.

If your startup isn't doing well, it might be due to some factors you refuse to consider before venturing into the business.

As shared by Philip Obin, the CEO of  Potech Limited, here are some useful tips you'll need to run a profitable business and make money in Nigeria.

1. Understand the business first

You need to put up the best of your financial habit to clear your debt.
You need to put up the best of your financial habit to clear your debt.

Don't jump into a business because your friends are doing it. It is important you understand the nature of the business first, ask questions, ask more questions to get the gist and everything you need to know about the business. Don't ever start a business if you have no idea about how it works.

2. Market and advertise your business

Nobody will know where you are or what you do if you have a startup and you refuse to market or advertise it. Market and advertise your business, let people know more about the business.

3. Learn from fellow entrepreneurs

While asking questions about a business before you jumped on it, you would surely have met some entrepreneurs who have gone through the stage you are in entrepreneurship. Ask questions and learn from their mistakes. Consult honest entrepreneurs, they will definitely tell you what you should do and the best practices you should follow in your business.