The fastest way to buy an item these days is to log onto an e-commerce website and buy the item. With a simple click, youre already buying everything you want.

Unlike physical stores, the internet never closes and that gives you the opportunity to shop anytime you want as long as you have money in your bank account.

However, the ease and convenience that come with online shopping can make you make costly money decisions.

Getting addicted to buying things online could prompt you to make unplanned purchases and thus go over your budget.

To prevent yourself from this, here are five ways to control shopping addiction.

1. Block internet access to the retail shop's site

You need to put up the best of your financial habit to clear your debt.
You need to put up the best of your financial habit to clear your debt.

If going to a retail website always prompts you to make an impulsive buy, and it seems you can't stop yourself from buying each time you visit the site, the best thing to do is to block yourself from accessing the website.

This isn't difficult to do. If you use Google Chrome to browse, you can block your access to a website with a Chrome extension called Block Site. You can also use another Chrome extension called Personal Blocklist to stop a website from appearing in your Google searches.

2. Delete the shopping apps on your phone

Having shopping apps can encourage your shopping habits since it is the easiest way to buy on retailers platforms. However,  if you are getting addicted to the platform, deleting the retail stores' apps on your mobile devices is a smart way to prevent yourself from the shopping addiction.

3. Unsubscribe

When you get promotional emails from retailers you're trying to avoid, don't mark the message as trash or spam, just unsubscribe. That is the only way you can stop receiving their email messages.