Do you want to make extra cash this Christmas season and have no idea of what to do or sell to make money?  Dont look further, here are some things you can start selling this December and make some cool cash before

1. Christmas decorations

Christmas comes with its decorations items such as garlands, Christmas tree, ornaments, wreaths, tinsel, Christmas lights and so on. You can make a lot of money just by selling these items.

2. Souvenirs/gift items

Xmas Gifts
Xmas Gifts

You know Christmas is a season of love and gift sharing. So selling gift items and souvenirs won't be a bad idea as many would love to share such gifts as cards, wears, copies of the Holy Bible, Santa costumes and anything you know people share during Christmas.

3. Clothes

Expectedly, parents won't shy away from buying Christmas clothes for their kids this December. Open a shop today and start selling some nice kids clothes, Trust me, you'll make lots of money before the end of the month.

4. Chicken/Poultry

Sell Chickens in December and make money.
Sell Chickens in December and make money.

Ooh! Chickens and Christmas, they are like your left and right index fingers placed together. Poultry operators make lots of money during this festive season. You can make money too selling chickens.

5. Children toys

This is a season many parents are more willing to shower love on their children and grant their desires. And of course, toys are most likely the number one desire of many kids. Take advantage of this and start selling toys in your neighbourhood.

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6. Mobile phone accessories

There is always a market for mobile phone accessories. And at this time of the year, you can look into this business and make some cool cash.

7. Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils
Kitchen Utensils

Apart from Christmas chickens and clothes, people also like to equip their kitchens with necessary utensils this time of the year. Such items as kitchen knives, spoons, pots, spoons, tongs, whisks, slicers, ladles and so on would fetch you some money.

8. Shoes

Whoever buys Christmas clothes will most likely buy new shoes to go with it especially for kids. So, you can consider this business too and make money throughout the month of December.

9. Drinks/Beverages

Beverages are fast moving consumer goods and many families love to buy them for Christmas travels.

10. Travelling bags

Many people would want to travel before the end of the month for both Christmas and the New Year celebration, they will need travelling bags to pack their things. So, buy as many as you can afford and begin to sell in your area. Trust me, you'll sell them all and make profit.

What are you waiting for? get your capital, go to the market or stores where you can get these items at wholesale prices and start selling. Trust me, you'll end the year smiling to the bank.