Week 1: Eunice Eunice was one of three flight attendants on the season, and she failed to make an impression on Peter. Getty Images

Week 1: Avonlea Avonlea didn't get much screen time, but it's pretty cool that the 27-year-old is a cattle rancher. Maarten de Boer - Getty Images

Week 1: Maurissa Maurissa is a former Miss Montana Teen USA, but unfortunately, her pinky promise with Peter didn't lead to a rose. Maarten de Boer - Getty Images

Week 1: Jade While Jade is used to flying high while at work as a flight attendant, her love story with Peter didn't get to soar to new heights. Getty Images

Week 1: Katrina Katrina's cringey opening line should explain her elimination: Youre gonna fall in love with my hairless [pause] pussy [pause] cat! Getty Images

Week 1 : Jenna The 22-year-old brought her emotional support cow to the mansion. That is all. Getty Images

Week 1: Kylie Kylie showed up with a bunch of condoms, so there's that. Getty Images

Week 1: Megan Megan was the last of the three flight attendants, but that's pretty much all we learned about her. Getty Images