• Dr. Sandra Lee, MDaka Dr. Pimple Poppergets out her biopsy punch to pop open a cyst on a mans neck in a new Instagram video.
  • The cyst, which looks to be sebaceous, then gushes with white, glistening goo at the gentle push of Dr. Sandra Lees gloved hands.
  • The biopsy punch is a scalpel with a blade in a curved enclosure, perfect for smallish, soft cysts.

We dont see enough of Dr. Pimple Poppers biopsy punch, the handy tool that turns a cyst into a dollop of goo with just one hand motion. Perhaps its because it takes just the right skin formation to call for the circle-enclosed blade. A quick perusal of past videos from dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, MD indicates that tiny blackheads can be smoked out with a comedone extractor, and larger ones require the scalpel, and then a struggle with scissors and tongs.

In an Instagram clip uploaded today, Dr. Lee finds a soft, smallish cyst on a mans neck that comes undone after she applies a few turns of her biopsy punch tool (handling it like a socket wrench). Dr. Lee then pushes down on the surrounding area, squirting out a white, gleaming, glycerin substance.

She then turns to her more commonly-utilized tools, the tongs and scissors. She uses them to remove the sac of the cyst, which seems to be a sebaceous one blocking up an oil gland, judging by its consistency, place on the body, and presence of sac.

Popaholics can hope to see the biopsy punch again when Dr. Pimple Popper encounters the next cyst in need of a good knockout blow.

Watch the video here: