Watch a Kickboxer Break the World Record for Most Punches in 1 Minute

How fast can you punch? Kickboxer and martial artist Pavel Trusov , 25, of Slovakia broke the Guinness World Record for the most full extension punches in one minute . His official count was 322 punches.

Watch the World Record for Punches in 1 Minute

A full extension punch is defined as "a forceful strike with the fist where the arm is fully extended and fully retracted between strikes," according to Guinness.

Trusov has trained in martial arts for 19 years, and he now primarily shares training and stunt videos on Instagram to his nearly 80k followers as a kickboxer and boxer. He trained specifically for this attempt for six months, mixing interval work to increase muscle and overall stamina with CrossFit and powerlifting.

"[The training] was definitely not easy," Trusov said. "It was during this training that I learned what incredible muscle pain is. But motivation and family support is the best motivational medicine."

Looking to develop your own lightning strikes? According to pros, boxing is a brutal workout that takes a combination of assets.

"A great boxer has to have focus, coordination, power, speed, and endurance," Michael Olajide Jr., a former championship middleweight boxer, told Men's Health .

Looking to improve your punching form? UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway offers his advice for the perfect jab .

"I live by the jab," Holloway says. To perform the move, strike straight ahead with your front arm, aiming to strike your opponent with your first two knuckles.

A great way to improve your jab is by shadowboxing, according to Gideon Akande, Men's Health Top Trainer and Golden Gloves champ.

Start shadowboxing by stringing together punch combos for 30 seconds to one minute. For an extra challenge, hold 2.5 lb. or 5 lb. weights for the drill. Strike for 3 to 5 rounds, resting for a minute between each one.


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