My point is, sometimes the universe knows just what you need, and you don't even have to ask for it. Which brings me to the news at hand: Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D are starring on the MTV dating show A Double Shot at Love.

Deadline reported in January that MTV had greenlighted the show, and today, we finally got a sneak peak at the forthcoming spectacle. In a Bachelor-style teaser, Vinny and Pauly D hold out roses painted red, white, and green. (Get it? Because Italian?)

"Will you accept these bros?" Vinny asks.

Holy crap, I can't wait to watch this. It's just what I needed, now that The Bachelor is over. It premieres Thursday-sorry, Jerzday-April 11th, which is quite frankly too far away.

View this post on Instagram Soo..@djpaulyd and I are living in a house with 20 women. What could go wrong? Be sure to watch the season premiere of @DoubleShotAtLove on Jerzday, April 11th! .... Everybuddy, enjoy .. A post shared by Vinny (@vinnyguadagnino) on Mar 14, 2019 at 11:32am PDT

On A Double Shot at Love, Vinny and Pauly D will live in a house with 20 women vying for their hearts. MTV is calling it a "reality-dating show unlike any other," according to E! , and here's why: While Vinny and Pauly D will have control over who goes home, the women will get to declare which of the bros they're competing for. Folks, that's how I know feminism is working!

Seriously, though, A Double Shot at Love is the reality TV I desperately crave after slogging my way through this past season of The Bachelor. It's nothing against Colton Underwood, who seems like a lovely and very healthy person , but damn, that two-part finale was heavy. I need a dating show where the biggest source of stress is how much hairspray Pauly D is using on any given night.

Believe it or not, this is the second season of A Double Shot at Love. The first season aired in 2008 and starred models Rikki and Vikki Mongeon, also known as the-*cringe*-"Ikki Twins." (In case you were wondering, it was the same year VH1 debuted Real Chance of Love-a reality dating show starring rapper brothers Ahmad "Real" Givens and Kamal "Chance" Givens-because apparently reality dating shows starring siblings were a big thing in 2008. Go figure!)

Aaaanyway, if you want to meet the women vying for Vinny and Pauly D's hearts, you can see them here .