wondered what would happen if he tried to follow in Goggins footsteps, in what he calls the most epic and intense routine I have ever seen in my life. It helped Goggins lose more than one pound a day, but as Tennyson learned, that meant starting the day at 4:30 AM. Breakfast consisted of: a banana. Then he hit the exercise bike for an hour. (It goes without saying: This is not a routine we'd recommend anyone actually tryit's not healthy, and for the vast majority of people, not sustainable.)

For some people, that would be enough exercise for one day, but Tennyson was just getting started. Next up was a two-hour swim. Then a three-hour, high-rep workout. Were talking extremely high reps, in the hundreds; Goggins once beat the world record for pull-ups, at 4030.

Tennyson goes on at that pace all day, essentially never resting, fueled by nothing more than a banana and water from breakfast until dinner. Its a grueling pace that leaves him ready to barf multiple times. The next day he wakes up five pounds lighterat least partly from dehydration. He burned more than 5000 calories, and consumed just 800, for a ridiculous calorie deficit. He spent 441 minutes exercising.

Again, that's likely not sustainable for most peopleand definitely not recommendedeven if it was an average day for Goggins. Tennyson, for his part, says just a single day of the Goggins workout tested me mentally and physically. Watch the video here: