Ill admit, Im lucky to have tested countless watches for a living, from seriously expensive watches that cost more than some luxury cars, to affordable sport watches made for an active lifestyle, and yet I still rarely keep one on for more than a day. Unless youre a major watch enthusiast who gets excited over the most lustworthy statement timepieces, chances are youre just fine telling the time by glancing at your smartphone. While I appreciate the beautiful design and craftsmanship of a luxury watch, I rarely get as excited as I was when this stunner came my way. It almost made my head spin right round like a recordyou get the point.

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Editor Adam Mansuroglu wearing a Crosley x Fossil watch

The unique design of this limited-edition timepiece is an eye-catching conversation starter that truly compliments a creative, downtown aesthetic. Ive sometimes felt that classic watches looked completely random on my wrist, like as if they were better suited for someone youd find in a stuffy boardroom with mahogany wood walls or someone at an old traditional gentlemans club with a cigar in hand-thats just not me. The beauty of this watch is that it can actually be worn by both ultrahip and classically conservative guys, because exceptional retro-inspired design looks good on any man.

This match made in vintage-inspired heaven resulted in two watches-a 42-millimeter case and a 36-millimeter case watch-with grooved dials similar to that of a vinyl record surface, tone-arm style hands, and a spinning disc second hand. But thats not all that came from this cool collaboration: you can also score a limited-edition Crosley x Fossil record player with Bluetooth speakers to add some old-school vibes to your home.

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A First Look at the New Crosley x Fossil Watch

The Crosley x Fossil watches and turntable are on sale now in limited quantities on and . And when we say limited quantities, we mean there will only be 500 timepieces produced, so if this cool watch makes your heart skip a beat like a vinyl record skipping on a turntable, act fast.