A spinoff movie is also being developed which will follow the misadventures of a brand new character. Taking place in the same world as the John Wick films, Ballerina will focus on a female assassin seeking revenge for the brutal murder of her entire family. It is rumored that the titular character will in fact be one of The Director's ballet students previously seen in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. The credits for that movie listed 'Ballerina' as being played by Unity Phelan, although whether she will reprise the role in this new movie is unclear.

What we do know is that the film now officially has a director: Deadline reports that Len Wiseman is currently attached to direct. Wiseman knows a thing or two about helming movies about female assassins; his best-known work to date is the Underworld movies, an action-horror franchise which he created and which starred his then-wife Kate Beckinsale as a gun-toting vampire warrior. (He also directed 2004's Live Free or Die Hard , and that ill-advised remake of Total Recall.)

This latest offshoot of the John Wick universe promises to even further flesh out the surprisingly vibrant demimonde of contract killers , and it's likely that some familiar faces will make appearances. It's even possible that Keanu Reeves , who will executive produce Ballerina, could make a cameo.