Fans expressed their excitement online with a bunch of funny memes, and this collection of Tweets, videos, and gifs perfectly capture the vibe of the seasonfrenetic, unexpected, and a reminder of why we all love the hit CBS show so much.

Here are the 55 funniest memes from the Survivor: Winners at War premiere. But don't worry, we'll update this meme collection as the show goes on.

Ben is being...Ben:

Boston Rob: who said my name man? Ben: #Survivor40 sarah hanlon (@flatshanlon)

There goes loose lips Ben. Loose lips sinks your Survivor ship. #Survivor DinahDoll (@DinahDoll32)

WHAT THE FUCK IS BEN DOING #Survivor Evan (@realityiconsss)

Ben how are you gonna go tell Rob someone said his name, then you act like you have Amnesia? FLOP. #Survivor Mel Brown (@melbrown00)

not Ben ruining another season of survivor chile... #survivor mar (@DontClapatJanae)

Looks like Ben's strategic prowess has picked right back up where it left off. #Survivor Colin Stone (@colinstone)

Everyone loves Yul , and for good reason:

yul kwon returning to my tv screen after 14 years: #survivor kay & ty #bb21 (@finaltwoallies)

I have the biggest smile on my face every time I see Yul on my screen. Legend. #Survivor #Survivor40 Liz (@hi_i_read)

Yul said let me show yall that I still got it! #Survivor Mel Brown (@melbrown00)

All of Twitter: OMG, Yul is so wholesome! Yul: Invents poker alliance to stoke fear and paranoia about the tribes strongest members. I see you, boo. #Survivor40 #SurvivorWinnersAtWar #Survivor Kellyn Lovell (@KellynLovell)

That's how you do it Yul! Show them who's boss #Survivor #Survivor40 #SurvivorWinnersAtWar thalia (@thaliafreddie9)

Parvati's alliance with Boston Rob was a dream come true for viewers:

parvati and boston rob being eachothers closest allies?? #Survivor Daniel ICON Brown (@danieliconbrown)

Parvati and Boston Rob on the beach #Survivor isaiah (@isaiahshallow)

Parvati and Rob aligning? #Survivor Mel Brown (@melbrown00)

Parvati and Boston Rob not being targets for the first tribal... #Survivor40 #SurvivorWinnersAtWar Taylorr B (@yeahh_tay)

Hey Boston Rob, are you being targeted right now? No, Parvati, are you? No ... #Survivor Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType)

Rob and Parvati rn #Survivor Evan (@realityiconsss)

Parvarti and Boston Rob alliance is a Survivor fan's wet dream #Survivor40 #Survivor Liz (@hi_i_read)

Parvati and Rob are about to run circles around this entire cast and Im here for it #Survivor Noah (@NoahArbz)

And #ParvatiHive was in full effect online:

I wanna work with Parvati and Im not even on the island. #Survivor Mel Brown (@melbrown00)

*Literally anything happens* Me: But how will this affect Parvati's place in the game #Survivor Roachella (@1prettywhenicry)

Parvati showing up and showing out on day 1 of 39 #Survivor @parvatishallow RJ (@Dumbledore_BB)

Parvati surviving the first two votes, after yall saying shed be first boot. #Survivor Jeanette (@kiansgrande07)

the fact that parvati made it through the whole first episode and wasnt seen or mentioned as a major threat... #Survivor (@gerwigfilms_)


And while fans are sad about Natalie's shocking elimination, they also know it means that Jeremy will try to avenge her like she did for him in San Juan del Sur:

Woke up to the depressing news that last night's first boot wasn't just a bad dream I had during the night #Survivor40 tlffany with an L (@tlffanypollards)

Jeremy will avenge Natalie #Survivor40 NORMANI SUPREMACY (@FatPumani)

Jeremy's face right now.... #Survivor Jill Robinson (@daysbradypats)


Viewers know Rob will be upset when he sees that Amber was voted out:

Boston Rob next episode #Survivor Survivor Reddit (@Survivor_Reddit)

Boston Rob after Amber being voted out be like.... #Survivor #WinnersatWar Michael Wojo (@Wojo_Michael19)

Rob now that Amber is gone #Survivor #Survivor40 #WinnersatWar Dana (@dana5tweets)

And Sandra vs. Boston Rob is going to be a legendary match up:

Sandra plotting Ambers exit as a message to Rob #Survivor (@realitytvplease)

If Sandra walks into the next challenge and says And thats for Lex, Ill choke. #Survivor Survivor Top Ten (@SurvivorTopTen) Sam Coffey (@SamCoffey72)

Rob after Sandra voted out amber #Survivor40 #survivor schmorg (@MoMorganPlease)

Rob to Sandra when he finds out Amber is gone #Survivor (@realitytvplease)

Me when Boston Rob is getting emotional about Sandra voting out Amber as if he hadnt betrayed her and as if they hadnt both come into the game specifically targeting Sandra first #Survivor Heather (@perksofbeingHC)

But viewers are annoyed that two women were the first boots:

I cannot believe even on an all winners season we are voting out a minority female first. Wtf. #survivor Caitlin Ash (@CaitlinAAsh)

not the 1st and 2nd boots both being women... not this #survivor jordan (@leaveuloneIy)

Voting out more women first? #survivor Zach (@zachvosseler)

We waited 20 years for an all winners season of #Survivor40 #Survivor just to watch 2 women go out on the first episode and have another male winner Ron (@Ron_Costa)

Im really gonna need the women to leave each other alone #Survivor Messiest Bessie (@HeyTremaine)

Both votes tonight took out a woman in order to weaken their male ally. Gross. Natalie and Amber deserved so much better #Survivor Brian Scally (@Brian_Scally)

So mad that two women I wanted to see play were voted out already #SurvivorWinnersAtWar #Survivor Burt Macklin, FBI (@waddell_hunter)

But two women were the first boots when it couldve been Adam and Tyson #survivor Cece (@CeCexHeart)

Two women being voted out first #Survivor40 #Survivor Em (@EmlLY___)

@parvatishallow @meeshfitz @goofygal1171 @SpradlinKim please be the queens we deserve seeing this season 40. Its about time to see another female dominate a season #survivor @JeffProbst @survivorcbs ray (@aris_ray_banz)

However, the season is gearing up to be one of Survivor's best, and fans had to take a moment to reflect on how momentous it was:

So just checking in with #Survivor fans. That really happened last night, right? This wasnt some sort of fan fiction becoming reality via hypnosis or some sort of Applebees-induced fever dream? We havent died and gone to the Good Place? Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType)

Holy crap I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed #Survivor like that. Thats the most fun Ive had with this show in YEARS. Hard to describe the joy I feel. I loved the episode, yes, but even more than that, I never expected to feel this joy again. It feels GOOD to be a fan. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward)

*basically any combination of two players together on screen* me: WOW I STAN. #survivor40 jenny (@jennyautumn)

THEY DONT GET IT #Survivor40 #SURVIVOR #SurvivorWinnersAtWar jasmine (@cupcakequeen_56)

Im still not over seeing 20 winners playing together. It feels like a dream come true. Any real #Survivor fan knows just how amazing last nights episode was. The hype is real. SurvivorQuotesX (@SurvivorQuotesX)