Now the famously bald and spectacled musicianwho was almost a household name thanks to a string of dance hits in the '90s and early 2000sis back. Not only is he back, but hes sporting a new, boldly-chosen tattoo. As he revealed , his lower neck now bears the all-caps proclamation, VEGAN FOR LIFE.

On the one hand, Mobys dedication as an animal-rights activist is well known. As he shares in the image's caption, the 54 year-old has been a vegan for almost 32 years. "Working for animal rights and animal liberation is my lifes work," Moby wrote.

On the other hand, well, its a neck tattooanyone second-guessing Mobys decision-making process is probably less concerned about the sentiment and more about the aesthetics. Is this a good neck tattoo, stretching for three lines of black ink from just under his chin to nearly the collarbone? "[G]etting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet," Moby writes, presumably gambling that hes not going to wake up one day and not be vegan. Surely that is a safe bet, but it leaves the rest of us wondering: did the stakes have to be a neck tattoo?