Funny you should ask, because KFC is doing it right now in select markets. The Chicken and Donuts sandwich is part of a whole set of chicken and donuts menu being rolled out in test markets in Virginia and in Pittsburgh.

This, from the same fast food chain that recently tested plant-based chickenBeyond Fried Chickenin a single market in Georgia to cater to the plant-based eating trenddespite barely having a single vegetable-like option on the menu.

But for every action, there is a reaction, and maybe this is it? Social media reactions to the chicken and donut menu items, predictably, are swinging between I want this and does that come with a black box warning label?

You can get a basket that offers up one or two donuts nestled next to fried chicken tenders or chicken on the bone. Or you can get it all set up in sandwich format, with the donut where the bun would ordinarily be. The idea is to test the appetite for it, so to speak, in a few locations and then see about rolling it out, according to a press release.

None of those location happens to be a place where companies are required by law to list nutritionals. And the company doesnt have nutritional information at this time.

Which makes us wonder. And makes us do some math. If an extra crispy chicken breast has 530 calories, and if you paired that with, say, the 190 calories and 10 g of sugar that you get from a Krispy Kreme glazed donut, youd net about 720 calories. Thats more calories than youd get from two McChicken sandwiches at McDonalds. And you could eat more than a pound of rotisserie chickencrispy skin and allfor the same number of calories.

Its not the first place to pair fried chicken with donutsnumerous outlets have been doing this already, including Bagock Fried Chicken and Donuts in Brooklyn, NY, Sams Fried Chicken & Donuts in Houston, Federal Donuts in Philadelphia and numerous others.

KFC does say that consumers are increasingly seeking novel, craveable flavor combinations that give them the best of both sweet and savory worlds to create a unique taste experience. There are other ways to get it. Try raisins in curry, pb and j , and kettle corn for starters.