In the latest episode of his webseries Cold as Balls, Hart recounted the whole story for his guest, NFL Network reporter Erin Andrews , who like many of us, still finds the entire thing pretty hilarious.

"All right, Super Bowl moment," he begins. "Everybody knows I got drunk. Everybody knows. Everybody noticed I took all of my friends to the Super Bowl, we got a box... Kevin Frazier came up. And he was like, 'Kevin let me get a quick interview with you'... and I'm already there. And my wife goes, 'Baby you shouldn't do no interviews, you're a little saucy.' And I remember going: 'Fuckin' Eagles all day!'"

He then proceeded to squawk like a bird at Frazier. "And he was just looking at me, and I was like, 'Yeah, just like a bitch.' It was just so aggressive, it was over and over, and I was like, 'We goin' down to the theater.' And when we got there, everybody just kept letting me by!"

"Except that one security guard," Andrews reminds him.

"Yeah," says Hart. "He saved my life though. He saved my career. I'd definitely fall off that stage. Matter of fact, let me just shout out to the security guard, let me just give you thanks. I appreciate it."