Cena The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the conversation turned to his WWE days. He shared with Clarkson how the grueling travel schedule often meant not having time for personal hygiene before climbing into the ring. Crowd together a bunch of larger-than-life men whove just rolled off a plane, he said, and youre gonna have some body odor problems. (Clarkson asked if he ever considered reeking as a strategy; reader, he did not.)

As he tells it, though, Cena was more concerned about his breath. My thing was Tic Tacs, he says. Its a nervous superstition Ive always had before wed go on a broadcast. Ive had to wean myself off of them because I was up to like three boxes a day, right in the 20 minutes before broadcast. When Clarkson chortled and compared him to a child, he admitted, Its pretty much 10,000 calories in straight sugar.

Now comes the part where we have to fact-check John Cenas joke: According to the official Tic Tac FAQ, each little pellet contains . (Theyre also so small thatby FDA labeling rulesthey can claim to contain 0 grams of sugar.) That means far from three boxes a day, Cena would have to be eating more than 5,000 Tic Tacs to hit those numbers. Sounds like somebodys been exaggerating.