In the Boomerang-like Instagram post, Derulo lifts up his shirt to show off his cut body, adding in a sexy smolder for good measure. If youve ever wanted a visual definition of a thirst trap, this is a textbook definition. And there's no shame in that game.

The key to abs is the diet, Derulo wrote in the caption to the post, revealing his biggest ab secret. Ive been substituting one of my meals with a vegetable bone broth soup.

Now, if we are being honest, this tip begs more questions than answers. Mainly, what exactly is vegetable bone broth soup? Is it simply veggie broth, being that vegetables dont have bones? Or is it your standard meat-based bone broth with chopped vegetables added in for fiber and nutrition? If that is the case, wouldnt that just be a vegetable soup made with beef broth?

These are all questions that shall remain a mystery, at least for now. Derulo did not further clarify the definition of vegetable bone broth soup in the comments of his post.

Id tell all you gym buffs to try out vegetable bone broth soup for yourself, but only Jason Derulo knows exactly what that is.