The Mens Health November cover star didnt have a quick rise to fame. He honed his chops the old-fashioned way, earning a bachelors degree in acting at Stanford University and a masters at NYU, then worked his way through various T.V., film, and theater productions for years before landing roles in series like The People v. O.J. Simpson and This Is Us that earned him a bunch of awards and made him a household name.

That is to say, Brown isnt any kind of flash-in-the-pan talent. Hes not going anywhere, and you can expect to see much more of him in the future.

The same general principle applies to watches, like the Rolex timepiece Brown sports on the November cover. There are a number of cool smartwatches available right now that are great for fitness, allowing you to monitor your heart rate or even coach you through a workout , but the models, and the technology they use, are constantly evolving and will always be replaced with something newer and better.

Sterling K. Brown wearing the Rolex Submariner Date watch
Sterling K. Brown wearing the Rolex Submariner Date watch
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Browns classic Rolex, however, never goes out of style and its one of the best bets to purchase when it comes to retaining retail value through the years. According to luxury consignment company TheRealReals 2019 resale report , high-end timepieces like Rolex prove to be the most valuable of any watch out there because theyre crafted by hand and utilize rare, high-quality materials.

Browns 40-millimeter Submariner Date model is about as classic as it gets, featuring a sleek black dial and Rolexs specially-formulated Oystersteelsimilar to the kind of steel used in the tech and aerospace industriesmeant to last forever. It goes with every kind of outfit, from a formal suit to the laid back, casual streetwear Brown rocks in Mens Health.

The investment piece is the perfect way to mark a big promotion or the completion of your first marathon, and itll last longer than everything else in your closet.