Follow these 3 tips to score awesome facial hair

Zach Galifianakis. DJ KhaledLeBron James. These guys’ full beards are on point. But how do you get from peach fuzz to lumberjack without skipping a beat? We talked to grooming expert and counselor Craig the Barber, who gave us the rundown on the best way to let that facial fuzz grow.

Examine Your Facial Hair

If you have a mustache, trim it down while you let your beard come in for a few days.

Depending on your growth rate, it will probably take less than a week for your mustache and beard to eventually match in texture and length, says Craig.

While you let your beard grow in, take note of how short your beard can be before you can start to see the patchy areas where your hair doesn’t grow in as quickly. This will determine what style beard you can pull off.

Is your hair coming in thick and even? Go for a fuller look. Is it getting patchy? Keep it shorter and neatly trimmed to look sharp.

If you’re not sure, ask your barber’s advice. He’ll be able to break down your hair texture and advise you on the style that matches.

Learn Proper Beard Maintenance

Once you know how long of a beard you can pull off, the maintenance is easy—you just need the right tool, says Craig.

You can keep your beard bulky, but it should be uniform. To get it right, go over your entire beard with the trimmer. Start under your neck, and shave upward. Cover all areas where your beard grows, but stop at the bottom of your ear to properly blend your beard into your sideburns.

Perfect Your Perfect Beard Style

For a neater look, focus on getting a straight line on your cheeks and neck. This purposeful edge looks sharp, and gives your face a clean look. (There might be something gross lurking in the fuzz. Make sure you’re regularly cleaning your beard.)

Be mindful of the beard length on your chin: The longer your face is, the shorter your chin hair should be.

The trimmers will allow you to outline your mustache just above your top lip, and anywhere else you may want neater appearance.

Be patient as your hair grows, and don’t try to force a style that doesn’t work for your hair texture or length.