In her latest , aka, dermatologist and Dr. Sandra Lee, MDgets a satisfying pop from a patients cyst, yielding a rich trove of guacamole-looking sebum.

Dr. Lee opens the video by asking the patient, You called it your third boob, huh? as she palpates . The remarkably calm patient answers that yes, indeed, he did call it that.

After a warning that graphic images are to follow, the good doctor cuts to the now-prepped patient. She warns him that shes going to have to squeeze where shes made an incision in the third boob. She begins to apply pressure, and soon enough a roil of gunk erupts from the hole. Dr. Lee continues milking the cyst, happily chatting away with her patient, who says he doesnt feel anything other than her pushing on his flesh.

Cysts are some of the most common of her videosweve collected 16 freakishly satisfying cyst videos from Dr. Pimple Popper and some of the most suspenseful. You never know what colors the sebum might be, or whether itll be a disturbingly forceful eruption or a slow ooze. This case was a relatively docile cyst, making for a relaxing pop.


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