• Dr. Sandra Lee, MD (a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper) removes a lipoma on a patients back in her latest YouTube video.
  • She puts numbing medicine on the patients back and then works to remove the net of pieces that form the lipoma.
  • The lipoma, which the patient calls Quasimodo, is large and quite the doozy. So it takes some time, but Dr. Lee gets it out of there.

Dr. Sandra Lee, MD aka Dr. Pimple Popper introduced fans to a lipoma nicknamed "Quasimodo" in her latest YouTube video.

The patient had the lipoma for a whopping 10 years(!), and Dr. Lee was the first doctor to take a stab at removing that bad boy from the womans back. She had gone in to take a mammogram, and was told that it was a lipoma. So, she had an idea of what it was before the visit.

Lipomas are slow-growing, non-cancerous growths of fat cells that sit within a thin capsule and cause a bump right under the skin. They are generally harmless, but they should be removed when worrisome or for appearance reasons.

Dr. Lee rubs numbing cream on, which causes a chilling sensation and some wetness dripping down, but Dr. Lee explains the medicine is there to keep the patient safe and more comfortable.

The dermatologist and TLC host discovers the lipoma has formed a net of pieces that were tucked into the large space. After pulling and getting all the pieces out, she finally finishes the procedure. Dr. Lee even jokes about how the patient must have dropped a few pounds after the removal.

The patient was pumped to see the lipoma come out, saying she had named it Quasimodo as a joke. Dr. Lee says, Youre excited about this...getting this off, arent you? with a laugh. And in that moment she got the inspiration for the title of her video, too!

Watch Dr. Pimple Poppers latest YouTube video here: