Few athletes have managed to cross over into the style world as successfully as David Beckham.

Between his immaculate style and flawless skin, David Beckham seems like the kind of guy who has his grooming routine down pat. But as it turns out, he used to borrow quite a bit from his wife. In fact, he recently admitted he would never apply simple things like face wash unless the products belonged to Victoria herself.

Yup, his main approach to grooming for most of his adult life-until just before he retired-was to steal his wife's products because she always had the best stuff, Beckham said in a recent interview with Into the Gloss. While he didn't reveal which brands or products he would steal from the former Spice Girl, one can only imagine all the high-end beauty products Victoria Beckham has amassed over the years. It's no wonder that her husband's skin has always maintained that dewy glow.

However, it got to the point where the then-38-year-old knew he needed to develop his own grooming routine and not rely on stealing his wife's products anymore.

"People were always aware that I looked after my hair, and cared about how I looked, but there was room to grow there," he explained. So naturally, he decided to start his own line of products that guys everywhere can use for themselves. Called House 99, his grooming range includes everything a guy needs to look like Beckham himself, whether they're face washes, shaving products or hair care.

"It’s been a process I’ve really enjoyed because I look after myself a lot better now," Beckham said.

This just goes to show that it's never too late to form your own grooming plan. And if you're a little lazy when it comes to skincare, maybe there's a lady in your life who could help you in that department.

House 99 by David Beckham's entire grooming range is available now on ULTA.com.