But let's be entirely clear herethere's nothing wrong with being single, and many people are happily unattached and thriving. But if Valentine's Day is a little rough for youor you just want to commiserate with your single buddiestake a breather and laugh with these V-Day memes.

Don't mind me, I'll just be checking my texts, DM's, and emails all day:

Me checking if I got any texts, missed calls, snaps, or emails for Valentine's day pic.twitter.com/f2VKBv9116 Cryptic (@CrypticNoOne)

#ForeverAlone is a lifestyle at this point:

Me, every Valentines day since 1994 #ValentineswithNobody pic.twitter.com/zP7lY03eEM Call Me Mami (@AubreyNhla)

But at least there are ways to entertain yourself:

And food will always be there for you:

Me today spending #ValentinesWithNobody pic.twitter.com/Ndu2JAUpNL XL (@3000ft1)

Self-love is still the best love:

Single people spending #ValentinesWithNobody & with that new Pornhub premium all day like pic.twitter.com/DQDte1T2Tw Mr. New Era (@iJkiddRox)

Please refrain from sending that toxic text you want to send to your ex:

Happy Valentines Day. I seen your ig story. He got you roses and dont even know you like tulips haha. Anyway Hope all is well pic.twitter.com/mjPiveridx Hollywood!!!! (@ChefWaites)

There's always a silver lining in a dark cloud:

Me thinking about all the half price chocolate on Feb 15th... #ValentinesWithNobody pic.twitter.com/lWofEsil7I KYIG (@SupaZombieGirl)

The next time someone asks, just say that you're currently in a relationship with your career:

A friend just sent this to me. She does know me well! #ValentinesDayMemes pic.twitter.com/yh5HBKbBGY Robi (@robi4tv)

Harry knows what it is:

Happy Valentine's Day! #Valentine2020 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayMemes pic.twitter.com/cDzIulSYBk The Art File (@TheArtFile)

It's a little unorthodox, but it's a pep talk nonetheless:

Me making myself feel better on Valentine's Day #ValentinesDayMemes #ValentinesWithNobody pic.twitter.com/GvyvpIoIVB JarionXP (@JarionXP)

At least you tried bro:

You don't care about Valentine's Day but you do but you don't:

Were all these couples this obnoxious yesterday?:

Treat yourself:

Surprise yourself too:

Life isn't actually a Disney movie? I want a refund:

Flowers are overrated anyway:

The gym will never let you down!:

Well, when you put it that way....:

How rude of you to interrupt my nonsensical fantasy:

And even when you've given up on love, you still want your friends to find someone great:

That is, if you have friends:

Just found out that wanting to fall in love without putting in any sort of effort isn't a good strategy:

Brb, going to go ruin things with the one person that does like me:

But in the end, it's nice knowing that Team Snapchat will always be there: