Every lady (young and old) should essentially strive to be ladylike, this does not necessarily mean you wear pink hues all the time or wear bows in your hair and act pretty all the time. It is about lady like values and etiquettes, expected behaviours and many more.

Among a lot of other ways, a proper lady should work on these:

1) Dress The Part.

A lady should be impeccably and appropriately dressed for any occasion, she should be well put together at all times. There shouldn't be obvious pant lines, bra straps /'funny' things should be kept private!

2) Posture Alert.

A lady should stand upright every time, a good posture is also a sign of confidence. Don't slouch ladies.

3) Modesty Matters.

A lady ought to be dressed modestly, talk modestly...be modest at all times; going over board/ being unnecessarily loud is not attractive.

4) Attitude and Good Manners Matter

A lady should put her best forward every time, a good attitude will take ladies (and guys) a very long way.

5) Voice

A lady shouldn't speak or yell at the top of her voice when talking to people or even on the phone by all means speak up but no shouting or yelling! It only makes you look crazy

6) Actions Speak Louder

A lady should have a good disposition to people and things around, watch your actions; a sweet genuine smile doesn't do anyone any harm so by all means smile!

7) Do The Final Appearance Check

Just before stepping outside your house, take a final look at your appearance- tame the straying hair, spray the last whiff of fragrance etc, if you like what you see then you are good!