Getting a second date can only be determined by how well the first date goes. First dates are not always perfect and are likely to have awkward moments. The most important thing to remember is its all about her, sounds selfish but thats how it works, you have to please her into wanting a second date.

1. Dress appropriately : On the first date you have to becareful about what you wear, study the kind of lady she is and dress accordingly. If she is a black Dolce office dress and black YSL stilettos kind of lady don't show up to the date sagging your denim jeans. Also the venue of the date determines how you'll dress.

2. Be open minded: Don't go for the date with  high hopes or the expectancy of getting laid that night. Go to have fun and hopefully meet someone new. If unfortunately the date turns out to be a disaster, laugh about it and you're on to the next one

3. Be early: No one likes to be kept waiting but since you invited her on the date, its important you arrive before her.

4. Complement her : Women need food, clothes, complements and the occasional pair of shoes to survive so tell her hows breathtaking she looks in her outfit even if she shows up in jeans and Chucks.

5. Be honest: During your conversation don't be uptight, be calm and honest. Don't lie trying to make a good impression of yourself.

6. Conversation: The conversation is an essential determinant of a second date. If you engage her in scintillating conversation she is more likely to be interested in meeting up the second time.

here are some tips to adhere to:

7.  Let her order first : Revive chivalry! let her order first, and then AFTER she has ordered her drink of choice, suggest a fine wine you recommend. its important you do this after she has ordered hers just in case she does not like your suggestion, she still has something to fall back on.

8. Picking the bill : Never let her see the bill, plan with the waiter before the date to keep your bill and pay it when she is not looking, or when she goes to the little girls room.

9. Ignore your phone : Don't even put it on the table beside you, give her your undivided attention.

10. Boundaries : Don't be too touchy she may get the wrong message. Just a little brush here and there.

11. Insinuate a second date : Right before you stand up ready to depart, try suggesting a place you know that would be fun, 'have you ever been to KFC?' hopefully she'll say no and you can offer to take her there.

11. Saying goodbye : Walk her to her car or to get a cab. tell her what a great time you had and lightly peck her on her cheek.

If you keep to all these steps you are guaranteed a second date if she is really into you.