We need to consciously 'work' fruits in our diet because of their immense benefits. They are nature's own miracles; the leafy greens too included!?The fibre and vitamins in fruits are very important in our diets. Lets consciously find a way to make fruits an important part of our daily meals.

1. As Juices & Smoothies

We love smoothies and juices! Fruits can be blended and made into either, works wonders and before you realize it you have taken just enough for a recommended daily intake.

2. With Breakfast

Make fruits a part of your breakfast, for instance eat an apple after your oats everyday, sliced apples also go with the pancakes; oh how we love that combo!

3. Dessert

Instead of loading up on those ice creams and cakes, replace with fresh, sliced pieces of your favourite fruits; sweeeet!

4. Fruit Salad

We love fruit salad, this is another swell way to have all your favourite fruits and load up on nutrients as well.

5. Snack On Them

Munching on a piece of apples for instance, grapes, almonds at any point in time is never a bad idea. By all means snack on them.