Eating disorders creep up on us sometimes without us realizing it. To keep healthy, we need to be uber conscious of our lifestyle as it is easy to lose (or add weight) without paying attention; being healthy cannot be determined by physical body weight i.e whether you are 'fat' or 'skinny'

To ensure a healthy lifestyle and avoid malnutrition; staying in tip top shape and maintaining a healthy weight, be aware of these signs!

1. Breastbone and Backbones are prominent

If your breast and back bones are prominent/you look frail then it is time to add some pounds/ increase your calorie intake. This is one of the common signs of malnutrition.

2. Constant Fatigue

When you get tired and irritated after a short task, then you should probably check your diet if you have no health problems

3. Your Nails Are Breaking

When your nail become very brittle and break at the slightest contact with it then you are possibly not eating enough!

4. Losing Your Hair

If you begin to lose your hair over a longer than normal period of time then it is time to check your diet

5. A Bloated Stomach

If you don't eat enough but have a bloated stomach then you are probably malnourished' it simply means the nutrients you are consuming are not been absorbed.

6. Dental Problems

Losing your teeth, bleeding and eroding gums that seem to be present for a long period are signs of malnutrition!