It's already been established that women are not to be understood. However, there are some key things that a man should KNOW (but maybe NOT) necessarily understand about his woman.

For starters you don't need to understand your woman's love and insatiable need for shoes, just go with it. However there are a couple of things you should know about her that you can work with.

1. Her job : You need to know about what she does and where she does it, you don't want to find her on the streets of Allen Avenue on Friday night.

2.Her sizes : If you are bold enough to call her your woman, you have to know her body size, clothing size, cup size, shoe size and every other thing with a size.

3. Her taste : Study your woman's taste in as many things as possible; clothes, food, colour, shoes, music, books. This will definitely ensure that you don't get her a gift she doesn't like. Knowing her taste also gives you the upper hand when it comes to surprising her with tickets to a concert of her favourite band, for example.

4. Know her friends : It is most definitely important to know the company your lady keeps because like it or not her friends can make or break your relationship.

5.Her phone number : After a while of being with the woman of your choice, subconsciously you are expected to know her phone number by heart.

6. What she likes in bed : Its not even okay for you to not know what your woman likes when you’re being intimate. Don't just be concerned about what gets you going, pay attention to what gets her stirred up too and please her. Some ladies like sex toys, some like dirty talk, while others like oral sex, whatever it is be sure you know it and of course if anything new comes up add it to the list.

7. Sensitive subjects : Ladies can be sensitive about a lot of things that men don't even pay mind to. You can't know all the touchy topics not to go within a 100 mile radius of but at least, have an idea and avoid those to save your life.

8. Handling her : As her man you have to be able to handle her properly and most especially the way she wants to be. You have to know how to call her to order without getting into a fight, if you do get into a fight you have to know the best way to end it; whether she is the type for make up sex or not, when its that time of the month for her, you have to know how best to contain her hormones and emotions that are scattered everywhere. Ultimately as a man, you have to know what cheers your lady up when she is down.