Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is gearing up for their Christmas shopping. Getting presents isnt mandatory however even if you don't get anyone else  its highly recommended that you at least make an effort to get your mum something, no matter how small it is.

Here are 5 gift items every mum will love:

1. Jewelry box : Though jewelry is something every lady possess, a jewelry box isn’t. Get mum a lovely vintage jewelry box where she can put the priciest of her jewels and place it on her dressing table.

2. Clutch purse: A woman can never have too many bags! even if you cant snoop through her bag collection to see what she has and doesn't have you can employ your girlfriend to help you choose a great clutch purse for mum. If you are a lady, choose something extremely unique, one that’ll look good when mum goes out for ‘owambe’ parties this festive holidays. If you want to go the extra mile you can add a matching pair of shoes too.

3.Yards of ankara fabric : When in doubt about what to get mum buy her ankara fabric! The proliferation of ankara garments in our society has enabled ankara fabric to be a suitable present. Get mum not less than 3 different fabrics of ankara and wrap it up real nice for her.

4. Vintage perfume : You cannot just buy your mother any type of perfume, like Guilty by Gucci, NO. Be tasteful about it, choose vintage perfumes, those made in the early 1900s, the older the better. Considering that your parents were born during that era, look for sophisticated smells like Givenchy L'Interdit, Lanvin Arpège or Rochas Femme not seductive smells.

5.Stud earrings : Older women are not particularly into wearing chandelier earrings and hoops as much as the younger ones so its advisable you get your mum a pair of stud earrings that will stand out and make her heart melt.