10 Female book characters you should be crushing on

Here are some attractive women from your favorite books that you should totally start crushing on


Are you in need of feisty, funny, beautiful, brave, soulful, and clever women from literature who have won the hearts of readers? Here are some attractive women from your favorite books that you should totally start crushing on! And of course, if you think I left out a particularly crush-worthy lady from fiction, please let me know in the comments!

1. Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: She is tough, edgy and not much of a romantic. If you love women who can be a useful partner in sticky situations, here is Lisbeth your long lost crush.  And, of course she loves tattoos.

2. Ramatoulaye from So Long a Letter: If you love women who champion causes people would rather not be bothered about, here is Ramatoulaye your badass feminist. The society is unfair to you? Ramatoulaye understands and she is ready to champion your gender struggles.

3. Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter Series: You are not scared of women who know it all? Then here is that crush you have been waiting for. If you’re so into intelligent women with a big heart, this Gryffindor is the one you want on your side when facing bad days and/or You-Know-Who.

4. Morayo from Daughters Who Walk This Path: Spirited and intelligent, Morayo is that brave woman you have been waiting for all your life. Despite being sexually assaulted at a very young age, she overcomes the feelings of despair, guilt and lack of self-respect and discovers that she can find happiness.

5. Daisy Buchanan from The Great GatsbyYou cant help but crush on Daisy, a woman you know is completely out of your league but you cant help but still love anyway. If you’re a little socially awkward, very idealistic, and you don’t know how to handle girls you can’t put on a pedestal. Then she is the one for you.

6. Ifemelu from Americanah: She is educated, liberal, and her passion for social justice mainly manifests itself in a desire to talk a lot about what’s wrong with the world. You want a woman who would be a female version of Martin Luther King, here she is! she would definitely help you figure out your own identity and how you can stand out perfectly without hassle.

7. Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire series: Let’s be honest, we all love women who have a little bit of evil in them. However, if you’re a little bit evil and you have some sort of moral code, but you have no qualms about watching your enemies suffer. You need a partner in ruthlessness, and Daenerys is most definitely the one your forefathers have told you to befriend/get married to.

8. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and PrejudiceYou’re a refined, classy sort of dude or lady. Plus, you have a healthy respect for your traditionally feminine side and well, here is a woman who share the same quality and ideology with you.  If your idea of a good time is exchanging witty banter with an intriguing companion, not knocking back shots at a sports bar, then stick to Elizabeth by all means.

9. Madame Arnoux from Sentimental Education: For the men and women who want friends who would behave like a mini mummy. You want to be taken care of and nurtured, and you idealize women who seem pure and motherly rather than sexual. Say hello to Madame Arnoux.

10. Catherine Barkley from A Farewell to Arms: This is one selfless woman everyone should crush on, especially if you admire people who are loving and self-sacrificing. You believe that people should be willing to endure suffering in life, whether it’s for the person they love or whether it’s for people who need help. More than anything, if you’re repulsed by selfishness, let me introduce you to Elizabeth, one of the selfless fictional woman ever.


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