Who are the faces on the redesigned naira notes?

November 24th 2022, 12:49:35 pm

In case you don’t know the faces on the redesigned naira, we are here to give a little history lesson.

The new naira notes [Dailypost]

These notes are essentially the same as the former ones, the major difference is the hue and saturation, but do you know the heroes' past on these naira notes?

He was born on 12 June 1910 and died on 15 January 1966. This conservative Nigerian statesman Ahmadu Ibrahim Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, who was later knighted as Sir Ahmadu Bello, led Northern Nigeria through Nigeria's independence in 1960.

He presided as the country's first and only premier from 1954 until his assassination in 1966.

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Additionally, he served as the party's chairman for the Northern People's Congress, which at the time was made up of the Hausa-Fulani elite. Elected to the regional assembly, he later rose to the position of premier of the Northern region.

To create Nigeria's first indigenous federal government, which ultimately led to independence from Britain, Bello's NPC joined forces with Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe's NCNC (National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon).

Bello decided to continue serving as premier of Northern Nigeria and delegated control of the role of prime minister to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the NPC's vice president.

Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe, Born 16 November 1904 and died on 11 May 1996 was most commonly known as 'Zik,'. He was a statesman and political figure from Nigeria who presided over the country as its first leader from 1963 to 1966.

He earned the nickname "father of Nigerian Nationalism" and is credited with being a major factor in the country's independence.

He was one of Nigeria's most learned leaders. Azikiwe travelled to the United States, where he studied at Howard University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Storer College.

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In 1934, he came back to Africa, where he started working as a journalist on the Gold Coast. He promoted Nigerian and African nationalism as a journalist in British West Africa.

He was the first Nigerian to be appointed to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom. He served as the nation of Nigeria's first president in 1963. Azikiwe's functions in both positions were ceremonial.

Isong was born in Eket, Akwa Ibom State born on April 20, 1920 and died May 29 2000. He received a PhD in Economics from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences after completing his studies at University College, Ibadan and Iowa Wesleyan College.

He was the Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN)secretary and then director of research, he also lectured economics at the University of Ibadan.

He served as the CBN's chairman during the Nigerian Civil War (July 1967–January 1970) and the oil boom. During the Second Republic of Nigeria, he was chosen to serve as governor of Cross River State (1979–1983).

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He hailed from Yola, Adamawa State. Until his father was convinced by the Lamido, Mai-Bornu did not attend school. After his father was convinced, Mai-Bornu graduated in 1942 after attending Yola Elementary School, Yola Middle School, Kaduna College after being accepted in 1938 and Teacher’s College.

He received a government scholarship to study abroad and travelled to the United Kingdom to attend Bristol University, where he received his economics degree in 1957.

In 1957 and 1959, Mai-Bornu served in the Public Service Commission and Ministry of Finance and Trade after returning to Nigeria and becoming an administrative officer with the Northern Nigeria Public Service.

He was assigned to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as an Assistant Secretary when the Central Bank began operations in 1959. From assistant secretary he became deputy secretary.

He was the first Nigerian to be named Deputy Governor of CBN in 1962 and later named Governor of the Central Bank in July 25, 1963.

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