"January, February………November, December...."

"Chinaza! It's your turn, what do you want for Christmas?"

"I want a dress" she said,

"Oya! Pass the basket!"

...and the song went on again..."January, February…...November, December".

This time it was Chinedu's turn, as loud as can be, he shouted:

"I want a Disc man!" and we all clapped.

I was nervous thinking what my friends would say when I answer the same question - "What do you want for Christmas"? Speaking of the devil, the basket was passed again and boom! Guess whose turn? Well...mine!!

I was chubby back then or would I rather say I am chubby and all that came to my head was a cake! "Yes I want a cake for Christmas!”

Gbam!!!! That was the next sound I heard...they pushed me to the centre and made a circle, laughing and calling me CHOWDER  the food MUNCHER, pouring sand on me, calling me all sort of names, their mothers came out, heard the gist and in support started shouting saying I could barely eat twice daily...shouting at the top of their voices

"Thief! Thief! Thief! It's only your mother you have, do you want to kill her??? Food muncher! "

My mother ran to the playground as soon as she heard, she was still panting when she got to the scene, asking

"Ada, what have you done this time?"...I just burst into tears and said, "Mummy we were playing..I was asked what do you want for Christmas? I said cake!"

My mother looked at me with relief and in shock, asking "is that why they did this to you?" Looking deep into my mother's eyes here at the playground made me scared, I was scared of what might happen next but calmly she said "Ada, the white people say you can't eat your cake and have it, but this day I say to you, Ada you will eat your cake and have it...and even share it to the world who thinks you can't afford one!"

Years gone by and I stumbled on a research done on "Cakes and Christmas" while surfing the internet in my office here on the Lagos Island looking for where to buy cakes in Nigeria, you know as the CEO, I have enough time to myself....Less of me already....LOL.

I stumbled on this research on a website called www.waracake.com. I was intrigued. ‘I can’t explaiiinnnn’ *in Wizzy’s voice*.

I initially thought WaraCake meant cheese cake only to discover it’s derived from the Yoruba Language and it means ‘come and buy cake’.

I discovered so many yummy cakes. The amazing part is they were running Christmas discounts for December 2015 and I saved so much using the coupon code ‘WARA5’.

I started searching for my debit card immediately to start shopping.  I also registered for their upcoming cake fair via in February 2016 via http://www.waracake.com/wtf . Their service is really amazing as they also helped me deliver a cake to my boo in Abuja.

Everytime we had birthdays in my office, we log on to www.waracake.com or call 08146274960.

The best part? I can also order via bbm by adding 2B4ADFBD. Need cake anytime soon? WaraCake is the pro to call. Follow them @WaraCake on Twitter and Instagram.