Travelling can mean uncomfortable commutes and impromptu

It's possible to look fab with minimal items while also balling on a budget.

1. Face caps and Hoops

Face caps and/or Hoops are the ultimate get up to turn whatever you're wearing the a stylish look.

2. Comfortable sneakers

Fashionable sneakers are the perfect travel shoes, whether you will exercise during your trip or not.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more a necessity than anything else.

4. Cotton T-Shirt

A good white or black cotton shirt goes with everything and is extremely comfortable.

5. Neck/Portable Pillow

You might regret it if you don't take this because travelling is very unpredictable. Make your commute smooth and comfortable.

6. Slides or Sandals

Cute slides and sandals can be comfortable as well as stylish. They are travel essentials for everyone!

7. Loose Pants

A comfortable pair of pants in neutral colours can save an outfit and make it look effortlessly stlyish.

8. Jacket

Again, travelling is unpredictable. Take a jacket to keep you warm during formal or informal occasions while you still look stylish.

9. Fanny pack

Fanny packs are fashion trendy as well as useful! Fit your small essentials into something within your reach and sight.

10. Jeans

The gospel of Jeans cannot be preached enough. A comfortable pair of Jeans can be a lifesaver for any look at all you are going for.

11. Backpack or carryall bag

A bag that is big enough to carry bigger essentials is also key. Depending on the type of trip, it should be handy enough to carry throughout the day.