Travelling out of the country is most Nigerians dream.

Either for vacation purposes, work stuff, business trips or for academic sake, we just want to go out there. We want to meet new people, see and experience different cultural and social life and well, we really just want to get exposed. Although for some, it'll be the greatest achievement of their lives.

Here are s the things you need to put in place and be aware of on one of those such trips outside the country.

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1. Know the exchange rate for Naira

To regulate their budget and maintain a level of check and balances while spending abroad, every Nigerian traveller should have at least knowledge of what the Naira exchange rate is for the currency used in each location they are visiting.

2. Know your passport number

It is important to know your passport number by heart in case you need to fill out a form and do not have your passport handy as it is not only a form of identification but also a form of authentification.

3. Know how to contact the Nigerian Embassy wherever you go

You don't have to wait till you need the coverage and immunity of the Embassy before knowing where it is. It's important that you do from the onset.

Enjoy your stay outside!