Nigerians are easily one of the most recognisable people abroad.

Between our loud mannerism, flamboyant style of dressing and accent, the average Nigerian is hard to miss when abroad.

For all our exuberance however, we can sometimes fall prey to some of the most ridiculous mistakes when embarking on a trip.

It's not uncommon, for instance, to find the average Nigerian lugging around more suitcases than they can manage. Nor is it unheard of for Nigerians to get held back at foreign immigration points for more time than usual due to mistakes of omission.

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1. Over-packing:  While there is a temptation to pack a lot from home "just incase", this is a big no-no. Pack as little as possible as you depart because you're likely to shop when you arrive at your destination, so avoid over-packing from home in order to save valuable space which can be used in packing all the things you'll buy on your trip.

2. Having only one ATM card: With the unpredictability of the Nigerian banking sector, it's highly advisable that you have more than one ATM card incase one doesn't work. More importantly make sure your funds are in an account with internet banking so you can move it around with relative ease.

3. Not dressing comfortably: It may be summer now, but airplane cabins and airports can get chilly very quickly so its advisable you have a jacket or scarf to keep you warm as you travel.

4. Not getting sufficient information: Before embarking on a trip try to get as much information as you can about the route and place you're going to as this helps you deal better with situations. For instance, travellers going to the United States via Etihad Air undergo the immigration process in Abu Dhabi, not the US. Also, some airlines offer food vouchers to passengers who have a layover longer than 7 hours. So, carry out your findings before you set out so nothing takes you by surprise.

5. Not following instructions: Whether it's flight safety instructions on board, or in filling out airport forms, it's important to obey instructions explicitly. Where asked to declare food items, do so and save yourself potential embarrassment and/or delay.