Travelling and staying holed up in your hotel room is no fun.

There are certain adventures you should have in different cities around the world if you want a complete travel expereince.

Here are 20 of such adventures:

1.  In Tuscany, learn how to make pasta from scratch.

2. In Germany, drink beer at Oktoberfest.

3.  In Finland, go see the real Santa Claus.

4. In Finland, spend a night or two in a glass igloo.

5. In Dublin, visit the Guinness Brewery.

6. In Paris, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

7. In Bora Bora, stay in a bungalow atop water.

8. In China, visit the Great Wall.

9. In Mexico, play with whales.

10. In Thailand, attend the festival of floating lanterns.

11. In Scotland, visit the Fairy Pools on the island of Skye.

12. In Italy, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish.

13. In Chile, swim in the world's largest swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort. The pool covers 20 acres.

14. In New York, take a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge.

15. In Iceland, soak yourself in the hotsprings.

16. In Maldives, dine in an underwater restaurant.

17. In Turkey, ride in a hot-air balloon.

18. In Brazil, participate in the Rio carnival.

19. In Barbados, enjoy the Crop Over festival.

20. In Kenya, go on a wildlife safari.