Merging your work and travel needs

Most people who work full time jobs hardly ever take time to travel and see the world simply because they 'never have time' to.

Lagos has many treasures waiting to be discovered.

One of life’s greatest ironies is that while long-term travelers have all the time in the world, they don’t necessarily have a ton of cash at their disposal. Full-time workers however, usually have the means but not the time. Even when full-time workers have the time it’s usually ‘not enough’.

Pulse travel brings you five tips you can use if you love to travel even though you have a 9-5 job. It’s not going to be easy but we hope these tips help you all the same.

  • Make it a true weekend getaway

A lot of times, all you need is 36hours in a new city or country which basically the same amount of time you have for a weekend trip especially after you factor in the time it takes for you travel between destinations.

To really maximize your time without overbooking your schedule, try to make your destination a new place that is close to home. We recommend somewhere within four hours of your home base (factoring travel time between your home and transportation stops, of course). If you prefer to go farther, then Thursday travel is the best way to go. Don’t be afraid to spend on a fancy hotel to get that feeling of luxury without being too far away.

  • Take advantage of holiday breaks

Holidays are usually times people want to spend with family and loved ones. Transportation costs are usually very expensive around this time so travelling with the entire family might not be a very good idea. That doesn't mean trips are a no-no however, you have to be smart about it.

If you’re travelling with the entire family, book flight or bus tickets in advance to reduce cost and if you’re travelling alone make sure to stay in a place with good Internet connection so you can still stay connected to your family via Skype and other video calling platforms.

  • Make your work trips about more than just work

Your job may not involve a lot of travelling but if the opportunity comes, be sure to take it. Whenever possible, be sure to add in a few extra nights of your own to explore the area you’re visiting. The god thing about travelling for work is that your employers usually pays your travel expense- you have to pay for additional days, of course –thereby making your trip much cheaper. Now you can look for new cities to visit on your company’s behalf!

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Most times, a weekend won’t be enough for that escape you desire. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer for an extended unpaid leave so you can take that much needed trip. Be sure to pitch as personal development and make the request when you’re sure it’s slow season for your employer. You never know until you ask!

  • Make everyday a vacation

You would be surprised at how much you don’t know or have not discovered about your resident city. Change is ever constant so there are always new things to discover and enjoy regardless of small your city is. It’s more about your attitude and willingness to discover new things than anything else.

Have fun!


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