New York-based street artist Tom Bob is giving mundane bits of the cityscape cartoon life and character, turning the city into a beautiful playground.

Tom Bob animates mundane street furniture like manhole covers, electric meters, pipes and bike racks of the urban landscape in New York City, New Bedford, Massachusetts, and other locales, transforming and making even the innocuous objects seem alive and adorable.

Whether it's turning storm drains into Oreos, a drain pipe becoming the trunk of a smiling elephant, a barred window becoming an open bird cage, an electrical outlet becomes a man brushing his giant teeth, electric meters becoming monkeys and lobsters or a sewer drain, Blinky, Tom Bob's work exposes and allows us to see new, fun possibilities in public spaces and appreciate them likewise.

Known for his formal works on Randall’s Island at the Governor Ball and some street signs hacks, Bob's work reminds us of cute playgrounds we always want to find ourselves in.

Check out some of Bob's work in the gallery.