Whether it is with your smartphone or with high-tech photography equipment, this ultimate guide to taking better travel photos is for you.

A beautiful travel picture can be with you for the rest of your life: on your laptop, on your desk or even on the wall, as an element of interior design.

1. Apply the rule of thirds

A great way to create visual interest in a somewhat routine shot is to frame the shot such that your subject is not in the dead middle of the photo, but is placed off-center in the frame. For instance, placing a person along the left grid line rather than directly in the center. Or keeping your horizon on the bottom third, rather than splitting the image in half.

This can be applied by turning on grid lines directly on the settings of your camera.

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2. Use good lighting

Making use of the light in your environment, rather than your flash is a better choice. Never use flash. Instead, take advantage of the early morning and sunset to get beautiful lighting. Shoot early in the morning or as the sun is setting to give your image more impact, with longer shadows and softer lights. Avoid harsh lighting, unless you want that perfect photo with shadows incorporated.

3. Choose backgrounds that match your outfit

When your outfit coordinates with your environment, it makes the photo pop even more.

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4. Don't be shy to ask a stranger

Scout first though, because you never know who you are handing your camera to. Speak to people with kids or pets or even other tourists and ask them to take a picture of you. Instructing them to take many shots is also important.

Talking to strangers so you can take epic portrait shots of them isn't a bad idea either.

5. Use a selfie stick, timers

Most travellers ditch normal selfies because they don't bring quality photos. Use a selfie stick instead, especially if you are a solo traveller, to incorporate your environment as well as you in the picture. Timers are also your best friend as a solo traveller.

6. Laugh

Try laughing at the camera than smiling. Most times, smiling can get tiring and your stress may seep into your picture. Laughing, even if it's fake, might make your picture pop more.

7. Angles

Don't be shy to go down lower to get a good angle. If you are taking a picture of yourself, you could angle the camera on a surface and use a timer.